Friday, 17 October 2014

5 Ideas to compliment a River Deep Mountain High Hen do

Fancy booking an amazing activity weekend with River Deep Mountain High for your Hen do?

Carrying on from our stag do ideas blog here is our blog for hens. 

Not quite your usual hen do, a River Deep Mountain High hen do is a great idea for the adventurous hen who wants something more than standard. Options include, gorge walking, mountain biking, raft building and more! 

After having your hen do adventure there's nothing better than sitting by the fire and recounting the stories of the day. RDMH has a bunkhouse onsite that is perfect for the adventurous hen do that is self-catering with a log burning stove and nearby pubs. Two days of outdoor activates too much for you? We understand that not everyone is like us, so here are some ideas to compliment your hen do:

Hen do activity 1) Horse riding
Fancy a gentle ride through some amazing Lakeland scenery? Try here.
Or something a bit more adventurous ride on some shire horses along the beach or into the mountains? Try here

Hen do activity 2) Steam Gondola ride
See the mountains from a different perspective, perfect for the morning after the night before (assuming the weather is calm) Why not take a picnic along? Try here

Hen do activity 3) Treasure hunt with a tea and cake treat finish
It'll take a bit of organising but this is a great way to explore a picturesque Cumbrian town. Put together some clues that'll lead your hen to an afternoon tea with all of her hens. Try this page for some ideas

Hen do activity 4) National Trust house explore
A leisurely afternoon stroll around a grand house, pretend to be lady of the manor whilst your servants (hens) tend to your every need. Oh Mr Darcy! Try here

Hen do activity 5) Go find some bubbles
After thoroughly exfoliating yourself in the gorge, why not try some hot water instead?! Try here

A different type of spa experience!

5 Ideas to compliment a River Deep Mountain High Stag do

Fancy booking an amazing activity weekend with River Deep Mountain High for your Stag do?

A River Deep Mountain High stag do is a great idea for those wanting some adventure, to have loads of fun and to feel like you've done something with your day.  Options include, gorge walking, mountain biking, raft building and more!

Now want something else to compliment your stag weekend? We understand that not everyone is like us and sometimes it’s nice to be warm and dry too!
Here are our 5 best ideas:

Stag do activity 1) Water Skiing
Ok, this idea is unlikely to be warm, or dry. But just imagine your stag in his best tuxedo water skiing, surrounded by fantastic mountain scenery. Add a bit of style, why not try this for a Bond themed stag do. Try here

Stag do activity 2) Brewery tour
Not that we want to encourage any drunken antics, it's just Cumbria has some of the best real ale in the country and what’s a stag do without toasting the groom to be. This option is good for your second day where you can enjoy telling stories about the adventures had on the day before with RDMH. 'The jump was this big! And had a shark at the bottom! Molten lava rained down from......!
It would be a shame to miss it! Try here or here

Stag do activity 3) Golf driving range
Accessible for all, no matter the size of your hangover. Simple stuff for a clouded head, you just whack the ball really far! Try here because a train runs behind the range, a million points if you hit it! Also it's handily on the way back to the M6 so afterwards you'll be ready to drive home.

Stag do activity 4) Go drive a 'proper' 4x4.
Lakes adventure, excitement and scenery without the exertion. Everyone on your stag do can do this one, a good option for smaller stag dos who could keep the cost down by sharing a 4x4. Try here

Stag do activity 5) Have a MAN bonfire and BBQ
Man make fire. There's something inbuilt and instinctual about feeding a bonfire. This is the place to hear all the stories too embarrassing to make the best mans' speech.
River Deep Mountain High now have a bunkhouse onsite that is a great base for stag dos, all your adventures and bonfires are welcomed!

Monday, 13 October 2014

Our most hilarious Stag and Hen do themes

In our time at River Deep Mountain High we've seen both ends of the scale when it comes to stag and hen dos, from the simply brilliant to the frankly embarrassing. Luckily the majority of groups we take (mostly!) behave, so here is an inspired list of ideas to get you started with your own stag or hen do.


The easy cheap way to dress up your stag or hen, just find an appropriately embarrassing outfit and go from there. Our instructors make the best effort to work around any costume so that your stag or hen can keep looking good all day long.

Simple and easy, all you need is some tights, big Y-fronts, a bed sheet for a cape and some swimming goggles for a mask. The more mundane your hero is the better!
Captain Queue, who has the astonishing capacity to stand patiently in a queue for long periods of time
Master jar opening man, exactly as it says on the tin (pun intended)
The shoelace kid, ties a perfect shoelace every time, most times.

Beech, James Beech 
Take tuxedos to the max! Martinis, Bond girls (or best men dressed up), and cheesy one - liners!

Star Wars Day
Please, please, please book for May the Fourth 2015, because guess what, its Star Wars day! Imagine the possibilities - princess Leia, Jabba the Hut and Darth Vader (I am your father!) We made these light sabres for a birthday party, take some pipe cladding and some different colored or insulation tape!

Dress up/Dress down
Lots of potential here, dress the stag as a binman whilst the rest of you wear suits! It has happened, look at this recent photo of some stags wearing their own personal biking bibs!

Cowboys and Indians
Spend the morning making your own head-dress in our bunkhouse followed by some bows and arrows or maybe invading the local island from your canoe!

Adam or Eve outfit.
Again this has happened, I spent most of the day looking away from what appeared, from a distance to be a naked Hen.... oh dear!

Our top Cafes in South Lakes

Customers often ask us for a recommendation for food between sessions. So as part of our ongoing customer service we have been doing some heavy market research; any excuse to eat cake....

Instructors Matt, Will and Amy (holding the camera) on a tough day off.

Coniston area.

Green House Keeper Cafe
This little gem of a cafe is hiding in plain view on the main street of Coniston. We mainly have their superb bacon butties on a dash through to meet customers but an extended stay is highly recommended.

Hollands Cafe at Lakeland House Hotel
Possibly the best breakfast in Cumbria? A super friendly, hearty meal awaits.... we make any excuse to come here for breakfast with groups!

The Wilsons Arms in Torver
 Pub, Restaurant and Deli! This great gastro pub combo is in Torver, 5 minutes drive from Coniston. A great traditional evening meal option, make sure you book as its often busy.

Ambleside and Beyond 

Now there are many, many good places to eat in Ambleside and Bowness, so we have decided to point out a couple that you may not find otherwise. 

Cafe Altitude, Ambleside Climbing Wall
This unusual choice is actually really good, for a place that's focus is towards the climbing wall the coffee, food and staff are great. Why not go climbing whilst you're here too?!

Cafe Latte, Bowness on Windermere
Talk about finding a needle in a haystack, this little place is a sanctuary amongst a very touristy location. Two words, mmmmmm cake...

Chesters by the River, Elterwater
The posh option, where I take my parents when they visit! Afternoon tea? Yes please!

Slightly Further afield.

Broughton Square Cafe, Broughton in Furness
Distinctly off the beaten track, you will have to make an effort to reach Broughton. But if you happen to be passing this little cafe it's well worth a visit. Simple no frills food with friendly local staff.

The Coach House Cafe, Ford Park, Ulverston
Locally sourced, home grown, fairtrade, organic, gluten free... sound good? Come here!