Monday, 13 October 2014

Our most hilarious Stag and Hen do themes

In our time at River Deep Mountain High we've seen both ends of the scale when it comes to stag and hen dos, from the simply brilliant to the frankly embarrassing. Luckily the majority of groups we take (mostly!) behave, so here is an inspired list of ideas to get you started with your own stag or hen do.


The easy cheap way to dress up your stag or hen, just find an appropriately embarrassing outfit and go from there. Our instructors make the best effort to work around any costume so that your stag or hen can keep looking good all day long.

Simple and easy, all you need is some tights, big Y-fronts, a bed sheet for a cape and some swimming goggles for a mask. The more mundane your hero is the better!
Captain Queue, who has the astonishing capacity to stand patiently in a queue for long periods of time
Master jar opening man, exactly as it says on the tin (pun intended)
The shoelace kid, ties a perfect shoelace every time, most times.

Beech, James Beech 
Take tuxedos to the max! Martinis, Bond girls (or best men dressed up), and cheesy one - liners!

Star Wars Day
Please, please, please book for May the Fourth 2015, because guess what, its Star Wars day! Imagine the possibilities - princess Leia, Jabba the Hut and Darth Vader (I am your father!) We made these light sabres for a birthday party, take some pipe cladding and some different colored or insulation tape!

Dress up/Dress down
Lots of potential here, dress the stag as a binman whilst the rest of you wear suits! It has happened, look at this recent photo of some stags wearing their own personal biking bibs!

Cowboys and Indians
Spend the morning making your own head-dress in our bunkhouse followed by some bows and arrows or maybe invading the local island from your canoe!

Adam or Eve outfit.
Again this has happened, I spent most of the day looking away from what appeared, from a distance to be a naked Hen.... oh dear!

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