Friday, 18 October 2013

Some of our feedback from the summer holidays :)

This year, my cumbrian family holidayed in the lake district, we stayed at home and played with River deep mountain high. Although we have had excellent holidays in the past, the combination of the activities, the instructors, the people we met and the challenges we faced were truly awe inspiring. My 13 yr old has grown 3 cms this summer but seems so much taller even than that. His confidence and fitness have improved and he feels inspired by what he has done. My 25 yr old daughter had an amazing day  of adventure climbing with great people led by Will and we had  excellent days on coniston with Amy.

  Mat was excellent climbing Whitestones and my children had a fabulous afternoon dinghy sailing with the boss. 

 I have reccomended you to everyone who has stood still long enough and will continue to do so. Thankyou for daring to put this company together and develop it. It takes great courage to do so and we would have missed out on so much if you had not first had that vision. Yours, a fan ! Fiona
The activities were the highlight of the childrens holiday in the Lake district.  Instructors Jason and Matt were brilliant!
Our Instructor Jason was awesome, friendly chatty and really interested in answering any questions we had. I can not recommend him highly enough. We would love to come back and do more activities the next time we are in Cumbria :-)
Activity Date(s):13/08; 15/08; 17/08; 20/8; 21/8; and 22/8 Activity(s):Gorge Walking, Climbing, Archery, Canoeing, Sailing, and Trail Biking No in Group: 6, 6, 7, 5, 6, and 3

Please give a score out of 5 and comments on the following areas:
Website (Information and Navigation): 4 - very easy web-site to follow and very informative.

Booking Process and Information: 4 - very clear information. Booking procedure easy to follow.

Meet and Greet: 4 - meeting points were readily accessible, instructors were either on time or ahead of time, manner was very amenable and welcoming.

Activity Experience (Pitch, Kit, Content): 4 - More than happy with the experience. I had two young children and was impressed by the encouragement and time taken by the instructors to help give them confidence.

Overall Value for Money: 4 - Very satisfied with value for money. For groups of mixed ability and experience, it must be difficult to achieve a suitable balance which satisfies everybody, but I thought that the instructors managed to achieve this.

And finally, any other comments: Overall, a very enjoyable experience. I would have no hesitation in recommending RDMH to others.

As a family we loved the experience of trying out new sports with very competent guides.   It was a fabulous week which we all enjoyed very much.   Many thanks.

The children had a great time and told Matt after gorge walking that 'it was the best fun ever!'

It was good that we had Will for 3 events as it put my daughter at ease and increased her confidence.
Please give a score out of 5 and comments on the following areas:
Website (Information and Navigation)
4 - didn't use website much, but what I did see was good and easy navigate.

Booking Process and Information
4 - Ladies on phone were very helpful and accommodating, giving advise on activities.

Meet and Greet
5 - Will was friendly and made everyone feel at ease. Always in control and explained things clearly.

Activity Experience (Pitch, Kit, Content)
4 - providing all equipment needed and additional waterproofs was a great help. Kit list was great and directions clear. Only thing to add would have been a map so we knew how long we'd need to leave to get to each activity.

Overall Value for Money
4 - felt ?270 for two of us to do 4 activities each was quite a bit, but was worth it and thoroughly enjoyed everything.
Technical knowledge, experience with the ability to support every level of experience and confidence was really impressive
Enjoyed the experience, Matt very friendly and informative, suggested place for lunch in Coniston.

Quite physically demanding on the upper body but coped well with the waterfall climb at the end. 

Matt very safety concious which was good found that very reassuring.
I really enjoyed climbing everybody was lovely and encouraged people that struggled the intructor Matt was lovely I would book onto another activity again.
Just great. My son said it was the highlight of hiss summer holidays. Better than xbox - not easy to find something that trumps that. Thank you.
We enjoyed it immensely. Our guide had just the right blend of expertise and fun to make it safe yet challenging
all your staff were great my sons and i had a great week

Monday, 14 October 2013

Top 5 reasons for an outdoor hen do

There are so many options for hen party activities that we thought we'd help the decision making with our 5 top reasons for having an outdoor activity on your hen do.

1. Burns Calories!
Whether you go paddling on the lake, climbing up waterfalls or even shooting some arrows you will burn calories which is great news as you head toward the big day and everyone has their fab dresses to fit into! And the calories burned should help off-set any extra calories consumed in the evening.

2. Everyone can do it
Our activities are suitable for everyone - no need to be super-fit or have prior experience.  Our super friendly instructors make everyone feel at ease and ready to have some fun.  If you are looking for something outdoors that's not quite as full-on as Gorge Walking then you could go Canoeing, do Archery or a group of 6 can go Sailing together on our 20' Hawk.  You can even invite the mother-in-law to be! (When else will you have opportunity to tip her in a lake?! Oops, sorry, very naughty)

Archery, Canoeing and Sailing - fun hen activities that everyone can enjoy.

3. Why let the boys have all the fun?
Boys get up to loads of great activities on their Stag do's so why shouldn't the girls pack in the fun?

4. Well it has to be said...
Our (male) instructors are pretty fit! They have to be to do their job, and they're also really friendly too.

5. Not your average get-together
Getting outdoors is a great way of making a hen do more than just a night out.  Its fun, gets everyone involved but most of all creates a shared experience that will be a great memory for all involved.
Indian Theme Hen Do at Ashlack Yurts