Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Feedback for River Deep Mountain High Gorge Walking in the Lake District Half Day

Your name: Tim Casselden
Activity Date(s): 13/7/2013
Activity(s): Gorge Walking
No in Group: 13

Please give a score out of 5 and comments on the following areas:
Website (Information and Navigation)
4 - very informative but also with a lot of information to digest.

Booking Process and Information
5 - very quick to respond to the enquiry and a very easy and smooth, even when changing numbers at the last minute.  Always able to get in touch with someone over the phone when required.

Meet and Greet
5 - the guys were enthusiastic, helpful and great fun throughout.  They also liked dams a lot.

Activity Experience (Pitch, Kit, Content) 5..Can I give a 6? 6 - Fantastic and perfect for the day, enjoyed by the entire group so much that everyone said how great it was many times afterwards; and jam-packed full of different stuff to do in the three hours. 
Kit was also very thorough, especially when viewed alongside some of the other groups we went past, who were lacking in wetsuits etc..

Overall Value for Money
5 - A couple of hours into the activity I actually thought that because of how good it was and how much variety they packed into the afternoon that we were getting it for cheap and that I would have paid more for it.  Really great value, especially since it was the most reasonable quote I received when I was scouting the activity out.

And finally, any other comments
Keep up the good work - a brilliant afternoon.  A glowing TripAdvisor review to follow.
And thank you all round!!

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Thursday, 4 July 2013

In memory of...

Happy American Independence Day!

As I thought about the fact it was July 4th this morning, I thought about the different American customers we have had over the years and then to one particular American customer who went out with us on July 4th last year.

His name is Bob and Bob has been out on activities with us and various members of his family nearly every year since we started 10 years ago as part of his family's annual vacation to his wifes homeland.  Bob was already over 70 when we first met him, but to Bob, age was not a timetable and he still worked and he didn't let his age dictate whether he could climb a mountain or go Canoeing for a day with the grandchildren.

2 years ago, after a number of years of Hiking, Canoeing and Archery, Bob and I were discussing what their activities would be.  I knew the rest of the family would really enjoy Gorge Walking but as Bob was now in his late 70's I wasn't sure he would be up for this activity.  I did mention it however and he said he'd like to give it a go!  We chose an appropriate venue and took an extra assistant to look after Bob and went for it.  He and the whole family loved it, and so last year Gorge Walking went in the itinerary again, this time in Stickle Ghyll, in Langdale, the valley his family always stayed in for their vacation.

I popped along to see Bob at the end of his Gorge Walk as I wasn't going to be instructing him over their visit.  He told me how he had jumped in during the Gorge Walk this year!  He said that he looked at it and thought to himself "it'll be easier this year than next year, so I might as well go for it this year"!

I enjoyed sharing lunch with Bob and his American family on American Independence Day and said my Goodbyes.  Little did I know that that would be the last I saw of Bob as he sadly passed away in May this year.

We will forever have fond memories of Bob and the inspiration that he was.  Thank you Bob.

Hiking in the Lake District
Gorge Walking in the Lake District
3 generations Gorge Walking

Archery in the Lake District
Bob eyeing up a shot!

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Whitewater canoeing adventure Stag do

On Saturday 29th we had the rare opportunity of a local river being at a good level for a paddle and a group had booked to open canoe on a river! A fantastic days adventure was duly had.

We had lots of fun jumping in, paddling rapids, journeying in beautiful scenery, occasional capsizes and swimming in pools.

For more information and to have a go look at our Canoeing page on the Website;