Thursday, 24 March 2011

Visit to Eskdale

Been over to Eskdale this morning to visit the camping and caravan club campsite there.  What a great campsite!  Lovely setting, great facilities, pub right next door and a fab camping barn to boot!  They were the first in the country to have camping pods (insulated wooden tents) and they're set up as a lovely little village inbetween some trees.

We can do climbing activities, guided walks, biking and of course our full-day gorge walk up the Esk from there.  Watch out for some great packages for camping and activities there soon!

Out with the journalists

Got out on the lake for the first time this year with a group of journalists.  We took them open canoeing and the weather looked like it was on our side with sunshine and a flat calm lake.  It was lovely having that feeling of gearing up for a new season and sharing with people what you do.  The daffodills are out, the bluebird cafe has opened its fab new building and spring is shouting its call to get outdoors!

Thats me!

The wind decided to come on a bit stronger than forecast as the morning progressed but we still reached Fir Island and then let the wind take us back up the lake.  A few waves were no bother as our boats are just brilliant in that situation.

Emma Hoving - Partner

Monday, 21 March 2011

Early season Gorge Walks - March

A few photos to show you can still Gorge Walk in March.

Fun was had by all we kept moving to keep warm and we all felt warm in the full body wetsuits with cags, only hand and feet were cold (feet numb!).

The river has changed a bit over the winter making it different for the coming year.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Hawk 20

We are really excited to be working in the sun on our new (to us) Hawk 20 we have bought as a boat share with The University of Birmingham Raymond Priestley Centre where it will sat on its mooring. This enables us to offer fantastic family sailing as well as a great stable teaching platform as anyone who has been sailing in Hawks with us in previous years will know.

The boat is being prepared for the water by cleaning fitting new sails, mast, and engine and repairing / replacing any damaged or broken bits, its former life was on the Menai Starits so there were a few barnacles to remove too.

...and eventuallly the mast went up
Hopefully launched next week following work on the mooring, by a diver not Johan with a snorkel!
we will update you when we try out a capsize drill it is meant to be unsinkable!

Friday, 11 March 2011

Deer Spotted

Amanda spotted some deer out of the office window yesterday and managed to get a few snaps! We are so lucky to be surrounded by these beautiful sights... sometimes makes it difficult to get back to work!!

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Don't follow Sat Nav in the Lakes!

This new sign opposite our office at Lowick Old School Appeared this morning!
It really tickled us because we often joke about how sat nav is resposible for so many problems with meeting our groups, hence we send directions. The council now have signs telling you when to not follow it! anyway if you drive past this you've missed the entrance see below. Hope its helpful - our entrance.


I was very nervous about going biking for the first time in years - but progressed quite quickly and thoroughly enjoyed myself! River Deep Mountain High are encouraging and have the best route to get you mastering.....



Narrow single track...

all in amongst the beautiful Grizedale forest with stunning views of Coniston Water...!

And topped off with yummy food at Brantwood!